Coco Chanel

Oulimata Diaw and Selena Diaz

Early life

Gabrielle Bonheur also known as the founder of Chanel was born on August 19, 1883. And died at the age of 89 in 1971. Her mother, Jeanne Devolle, died when Gabrielle was 12 years old. She died from Tuberculosis, a disease that mainly attacks the lungs and was once the leading cause of death in America. A few months after her mother's death, her father left and sent Chanel and her 5 siblings to the Roman Catholic monastery.

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Coco's creation

At the age of 18, Gabrielle ran away from the monastery to follow her dreams as a singer. The nickname Coco was given to her by her fans but at times she disapproved. Later on, she started to enjoy the recognition of the name.
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Net worth

Coco Chanel's net worth is 19 billion dollars but, her company is only worth 6.8 billion dollars. Her sales each day is 5.4 billion dollars.
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Chanel evolving

Coco opened her first shop in 1909 and sold hats called "Chanel Modes". Coco Chanel designed the famous Little Black Dress and it symbolized that women could where it for everything. The dress was not elegant and it was also not dull so, it was created to be changed into anything you needed.
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Unfortunately, in the 1900s it was not known to donate money. Currently, the company puts most of there money toward fashion and new products.

Chanel Now

Since Chanel passed away, the current owner of her company is Karl Lagerfeld. Her fashion designer is also Karl Lagerfeld. Audrey Tautou was nominated as best actress in France for 3 years in a row and she was a Chanel model.

Fun Facts

  1. She helped design the World War 1 army suits.
  2. Rumor has is, she was a Nazi spy and she had an affair with a Nazi solider
  3. One of her siblings died at birth
  4. The Nazi soliders name is Barons Gunther
  5. Coco founded her company at the age of 33
  6. She attended Notre Dame college
  7. She is the reason women have pockets in their pants
  8. She doesn't smile in any of her modeling pictures
  9. She was a smoker
  10. She is buried in Switzerland
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Famouls Quote

"Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable."- Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

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