Bear Necessities for PAT

May 2018

Karin Spencer

We'd like to wish Karin a fond farewell as she embarks on her next exciting endeavor and we wish her well. Karin is retiring at the end of this year after beginning her career May 1, 1997.

She has touched the lives and hearts of many in our community and we will miss her sweet smile and infectious laugh.

Blessings and well wishes to Karin!

Still need recruitment hours?

I've got a fun event for you!!! Preschool Round up on May 22nd - 4:30 to 6:00. See me for details!

Tell me about...

Each pe needs to write a success story about a family that may be shared with our Advisory Board, School Board and DESE. I need a couple of you to turn this in to Tracy by Friday, May 4th.

Can't wait to see some of these!! We do AMAZING things in this district!

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A New Resource


Tomorrow is May!!!

With the wind down of the year, I thought it was quite fitting to share my TOP TEN list for why we do what we do...

A Parent Educator’s Top TEN

10. They secretly love the open road, wind in their hair and enjoy the adrenaline rush of breaking the speed limit on a daily basis to reach their next home visit on time!

9. They can’t enough of being wet on, spit-up on, and generally “slimed” by the little darlings they visit.

8. Not to mention being growled at by those “oh he’s a nice doggie and wouldn’t hurt anyone” animals their PAT families consistently forget to secure before our arrival.

7. PE's have such an enormous amount of free time on their hands that they altruistically “volunteer” to work at parent educators.

6. They have a strong desire to observe the moon, stars and constellations on a regular basis; why else would they agree to work nights?!

5. They love the spontaneity of NO SHOWS! This just gives them that extra hour and a half to do a “little” shopping.

4. They have a strong interest in detective work; trying to find those families who just keep moving and moving and moving…or changing their number…or email….

3. Their genuine love of children and belief of the immeasurable effect parents have on the development of their precious little people.

2. Their commitment to promoting early education for all children.

1. They have what it takes to help families: GENEROUS HEARTS!