Irony and Greed in Our Society

Madalyn Swaringen

Situational Irony

Occurs when something happens that is different than what is expected.
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Situational irony and greed in our society:

A rich individual is expected to donate to a charity, but instead buys a new sports car.

Verbal Irony

Occurs when a speaker says something contradictory to what he/she intends to
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Verbal irony and greed in our society:

Someone notices a person drop a $2o bill on the ground. They pick it up and say they're lucky to have found some money.

Dramatic Irony

Occurs when the audience knows something the characters don't.
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Dramatic irony and greed in our society:

A bystander knows that a person ignoring a homeless person has plenty of money to give. But the homeless person does not know this.