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Professional movie marketing to date primarily

A behavioral science fm tamil radio orientation requires an interdisciplinary orientation of Marketing (behavioral aspect). The creative-formative function of systematic market search and Market development. This includes the systematic exploration of the market as Requirement for behavior (information aspect). The definition of market-oriented business objectives and marketing tamil radio online strategies, the Namely, the design of a longer term, the market participants (consumers, Trade and competitors) and the relevant environment (for example, public, State) aligned behavior plan and the reduction of accents in choosing and processing markets (strategy aspect).

The systematic design of the market, that is, the adequate target and harmonious Use of all instruments of the marketing mix (action aspect). Application of the principle of tamil radio online differentiated marketing. Total market each company is according to certain criteria to disassemble (segments). They form the basis for a conscious, moderate intensity tiered marketing (segmentation aspect). The coordination of all market-oriented business activities, that is, organizational establishment of the marketing concept within the corporate organization (Coordination aspect). The classification of the marketing decisions in larger social systems (social aspect).

One of the key concepts in marketing is the marketing mix, the following can be defined as: The marketing mix is the combination of the Marketing tools, the company to achieve its marketing goals on the target market uses (Other/ Claimed 1995: 141). In science and practice has the following division of the marketing tools enforced (cfkiss 2001:163).- Product Policy- Pricing policy- Distribution Policy- Communication Policy. Product Policy The product tamil radio online is also known as Heart of Marketing (Effect 1998: 317) referred to. For the Basis every business has a product or offer. A company tries to the To make the product or offer in the way different and better that the Target audience is prompted to buy it or even to pay a higher price for it (Other 1999: 97).

In the present work is the product of the movie, which by itself settle the competition films by content, substance, etc, and thus the audience to bring to purchase a movie ticket just for this movie. The meaning of Product policy is tamil radio online illustrated by the following four points:- Market-oriented product design as a constitutive feature of Marketing o The bottleneck situation in the market compels no longer to market, what is produced, but to produce what we believe, to settle be able. Characteristics of marketing: product focus on customer needs (see kiss 2001:173). Based on the product film this means To produce films not only from purely artistic motives but necessary to ensure that these films also have a target audience.

Products as indispensable parts (base) of the marketing mix o The product is not only essential, but often dominant Part of the marketing mix. The other instruments are often due the difficulty and risks of the development of competitive products matched to the characteristics and the positioning of the product.- Product advantages fm tamil radio as a starting point for obtaining competitive advantages o The range of services that which apart from competitors are superior and can be obtained for the higher prices, therefore, is PORTION equivalent services preferable to lower prices.

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