Ferdinand Magellan


Information about Magellan

Year he was born in 1470-1480

Year he died April 27, 1521

nationality: Portuguese

Career: Pager for the queen of Portugal

Homeland: Sabrosa,Portugal

Nation and voyage

Ferdinand Magellan presented his plan to King Charles I of Spain (soon to become Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire), who gave his blessing. On September 20, 1519, he set out with a fleet of five fully supplied ships, but hardly adequate to sail the distances he proposed. The fleet sailed first to Brazil and then down the coast of South America to Patagonia. There an attempted mutiny took place and one of the ships was wrecked. Despite the setback, the crew continued on with the four remaining vessels.

How Ferdinand died

He was killed in a fatal tribal attack against the tribes of Mactan Island in the Philippines. They had dropped the anchors and put the ships to rest for a bit. Magellan was with the chief which converted to Christianity said there was a tribe that needed to be eradicated. In the battle Magellan was hit with a poisoned arrow and was left by his comrades.

Why was he Significant to History

He had traded many things that Spain needed like silk and spices. He found one of the many spice island in the Atlantic ocean. Later in March, 1521, Magellan’ fleet reached Homonhom Island on the edge of the Philippines with less than 150 of the 270 men who started the expedition. Magellan traded with Rajah Humabon, the island king, and a bond was quickly formed. but such a voyage would give the Spanish open access to the Spice Islands without having to travel across areas controlled by the Portuguese.
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Ferdinand Magellan's Discovery of the Philippine Archipelago
Ferdinand Magellan