Ines Aguirre


Bat Kid was very detailed with the information. it gave good explanations about the techniques. Bat Kid achieved the purpose of the documentary. It had a good background to it.

Defining the Purose

Defining the purpose was to inform people about somebody's personal background. it showed how people were made up. It was to teach us about somebody's personal life . it thought me to understand someone else's life.


acheving the purpose

Acheving the Puprose

The bat kid achieved the goal. It gave plenty of background information to the film. the techniques were very specific information. The author gave out many information about the documentary. It gave a lot of information about bat kid.


My feelings overall was pretty much good. I learned a lot about documentary it thought me more than I thought. it was interesting I learned things I didn't even know. it made a big impacted on me. it didn't change my mind about the subject.