Issues Facing GT Learners

Myths and Truths

3 Big Ideas

  1. Not all gifted students are the same. In fact, a gifted students may excel in one subject such as English and do poorly in a different subject such as Math.
  2. Different students can have learning disabilities. These students need guidance and support just like the general education students.
  3. Partnering GT students with non-GT students as mentors is not always the best idea.

2 Questions I still Have:

  1. I still wonder how and when the testing occurs. Why can't teachers have access the what specifically makes each other their GT students "GT"?
  2. I still wonder how I can specifically assist all of my GT students at the same time.

1 Action to Take Immediately

I can plan to differentiate for all my learners knowing that their are certain behavioral characteristics that sets each student apart. I can communicate the wants and needs of each student.