Greens Prairie Update

Duck Tape the Principal (and Mr. Rhine!)

The Boostethon Fun Run was a tremendous success! Because our students (and parents) worked so hard, we were able to achieve our goal of getting pledges from all 50 states (plus Washington, D.C.)! Therefore, as agreed, we will be Duck Taping our wonderful Principal, Donna Bairrington, to the gym wall on Monday morning! As an added bonus, Mrs. Bairrington will be joined on the wall by our very own 3rd Grade Teacher, Mr. Rhine!

The Duck Taping will take place as children are coming into the gym for assembly on Monday. As they enter, each student will be given a piece of tape to help secure Mrs. Bairrington and Mr. Rhine to the wall. They will then conduct the morning assembly from their place of prominence.

We will begin taping them up at 7:20 am, as soon as the school doors open. So please plan to drop your children off early if at all possible! This will help us get them good and covered before assembly begins.

Of course, if you would like to come and watch, we would love it!

Boosterthon Collections

Getting it All Turned In

Many have asked us what happens if they didn't turn in money this week. The answer is.....nothing! We will have another collection deadline, so if you are still trying to collect on those pledges, don't worry, you have time!

Some things to remember: (a) NEVER turn in loose money or checks. Please be sure to put all cash and checks into an envelope. Each check should have a note on the memo line that includes; student name, student teacher, and who's pledge the money is for. (b) On the OUTSIDE of the envelope, please put Student Name, Teacher, and the total amount enclosed. (c) It may take us a day or two to get money collected and entered into the system. If you send it in on Monday morning, but he pledge is still showing as being open on Monday afternoon, please wait to contact us. After this coming Monday, we may only collect and update the Boosterthon system every two or three days.

If you have any questions, or concerns, regarding Boostethon, or the collection process, please contact Lauren Bohler ( Thank you!