Staff Newsletter

QHS Information Centre

Volume 6, Issue 3

Term 3, 2014

Easy access to the library catalogue and EPIC databases

A reminder that the WebOpac now offers easy access to the library catalogue. You can get to the cloud-based catalogue through the staff intranet page. Hover over the 'Links' tab and then select 'WebOpac' from the drop-down menu options. All the databases we can access through EPIC have also been catalogued, and you can now click through to search the databases without having to log in to EPIC first. If you want help with accessing this, feel free to come and see us.

What's Going On Inside a Dyslexic Student's Brain?

Click here to view this short film that gives a brief insight into the way students with dyslexia struggle to decode text. It also gives some interesting facts for us to consider on how some of our students may fit within the wide spectrum of dyslexia.

A 'Thank You' in Advance to Form Teachers ...

We really appreciate the work you do chasing up overdue library books. With the end of year approaching fast, it would be great if you could continue to urge the girls to get their library books returned before they leave.

Please Keep Yours Eyes Open For Us

As you are no doubt aware, there have been a large number of texts that have gone missing from the library in recent months. Please be mindful of who you send unattended to the libaray during class time. If you do happen to notice any girls you feel suspicious of around the Information Centre before and after school, we would appreciate knowing. Please also pass on any information you may hear of from around the school - while we would never approach students directly from your comments, it does help us to build a bigger picture and to see who is around when the library is unattended.

R, R and R ... (Rest, Relaxation and Reading)

With the term break just about here, make sure you call in to ensure you have some great books to unwind with over the holidays. We are also beginning to prepare for our Special Summer Book Bags, which will be available at the end of Term Four. We will have the option of staff partaking in this again this year.