Tyler Loewe


  • Helium is a colorless non-metallic gas.
  • It is the first period on the periodic table
  • Group eighteen, also known as a noble gas.
  • Nobles gases are non-reactive.

Basic Information

  • Name is Helium
  • Elemental symbol is He
  • Atomic number is 2
  • Atomic weight is 4.002
  • Group 18
  • Period 1
  • Color is colorless
  • Classification is non-metallic


  • Helium is a gas at 298 kelvin (24.85 Celsius),
  • It's melting point is -272.2 Celsius.
  • It is a non-reactive gas.


  • Helium was discovered by Sir William Rogers.
  • Found in London, England and Uppsala, Sweden


  • Contributes toward the process of telling the age of rocks
  • Fills balloons
  • Inert gas used for welding in countries that helium is cheaper than argon
  • Protective gas in silicon and germanium crystals
  • Production of titanium and zirconium
  • Fake oxygen to divers
  • Supersonic wind tunnels
  • Pressurizing liquid fuel rockets
  • Protects semiconductor materials


Has no biological role in humans


  • Found in hot stars
  • Commonly found in hydrocarbon gases

Interesting facts

  • Used for cryogenic purposes
  • Comes from the Greek word Helios which means sun
  • First found during a solar eclipse in 1868
  • Second most common gas in the universe
  • Most of helium western world supply is found in U.S wells.
  • Though expensive to do Helium can be made by fusing hydrogen atoms into helium