Fast Food Survival Guide

11 Ways to Eat Healthier at a Restaurant

What can you do to help you eat healthier at a restaurant?

1. Ask about food preparation! The menu may not give all the details on how it was cooked or what they consider as a "lite" meal.

2. Skip the bread basket. Instead, ask for a plate of vegetables or fruit to munch on while waiting for the main meal due to high amounts of carbohydrates in bread.

3. Drink a lot of water. It saves you from eating empty calories and makes you eat your food slower to help with digestion.

4. Ask for more vegetables. Often times you are not given a lot of vegetables with a meal so ask them to double or triple it to get more of what you need and normally you are not charged extra for it!

5. Box some of your entree beforehand. Restaurants often times give bigger portions than needed, so box some of it and take it home to eat at another time and help avoid over consumption.

6. Go Without the Oils. Requesting a food to be made without butter and oils can be healthier but still be cautious of hidden fats that can rack up your calorie intake.
7. Put the Utensil Down! To help you eat slower so your body will digest the food better, put your utensil down after every bite. It also helps your brain register when you are full.

8. Avoid the "Fancy" Drinks. A lot of the margaritas, daiquiris, and other mixed drinks have added sugars that can create a high calorie count. If an alcoholic drink is wanted, try to choose wine or light beer to avoid the sugars.

9. Ask for it Your Way. You are paying them to make the food, so do not be afraid to ask them to make something a certain way to stay on your diet/health plan.

10. Always Dress Up. It helps you see eating out as a treat and not an everyday thing, which is healthier for you in all aspects.

11. Order First! It will help you from changing your mind on your healthier choice due

to not hearing everyone else's orders!


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