Crater Lake National Park

Created By Tony Flatt

Crater Lake is one of the most astonishing and amazing lake and park. It has a lot of alluring features and records. Also Mount Mazama is the start of Crater Lake so don't forget that. There is so much to learn

Crater Lake

Crater Lake might be the deepest lake in the US, but it might not. Crater lake got its name because of the crater on top of Wizard Island. Wizard Island is an island in the middle of crater lake. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US. It's also the ninth deepest lake in the world.Crater Lake is 1,943 feet deep. Crater Lake is a titanic lake. .It came to form in Southern Oregon. And that is why Crater Lake is so cool.

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park is home of the deepest lake in the US.Crater Lake National Park has allured 482,249 people over the last 10 years. Lots of people love the rainbow trout there.The largest documented rainbow trout from Crater Lake was a 6 ½ pound, 26 inches long specimen caught by the park research team. Most rainbows average 10 to 14 inches. .Crater Lake was named a national park in 1902. It covers 20 square miles. Crater Lake National Park is a fun park.

Crater Lake History

When was Crater Lake found? I'm not sure. Crater Lake was found in 1853. Lots of fish lived there from the 1800s to 1941. The last recorded stockings were silver salmon in 1937 and rainbow trout in 1941. . Crater Lake was found by John Hillman. John Hillman was a mining prospector. Crater Lake formed about 7,700 years ago. It formed when Mount Mazama collapsed. You can learn a lot from history

Mount Mazama

What is Mount Mazama? Mount Mazama, a volcano, collapsed and made Crater Lake. When Mount Mazama collapsed it left a huge bowl that filled up with water. Mount Mazama is 2,000 feet high. It used to be 12,000 feet high until it collapsed. Mount Mazama is an inactive volcano. So that means it can not erupt . So don’t forget about Mount Mazama and how anything started.
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Wizard Island

When the earth was beginning, a wizard lived by a volcano called Mount Mazama and one day was about to Mount Mazama collapse. So the wizard put magic around his house to protect it. And when Mount Mazama collapsed it left a hole beneath his house so he left it. Water started filling the hole up until the hole was full and his house is still there and called Wizard Island.

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And that is why Crater Lake is one of the most astonishing and amazing lake and park. There are mountains the Cascade Mountains that include Mount Scott, Cloud Cap, and Llao Rock. Hundreds of kinds of ferns and flowering plants can be found in the meadows and on the slope of the volcano. Animals and birds are plentiful. Crater Lake Is Awesome.