Westward Expansion

Makayla Anderson

Manifest Destiny Painting

In this painting it shows an angel witch represents columbia. And it shows minors, and farmers and trains all heading west. They are carrying all there tools for minning anf farmoing in the west. Basically god was telling them to head west.
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Picture Timeline

Trails West Map

The california trail was for the people to go and get gold land. The Santa Fe was for religion. The Oregon trail was for the land and sedlement.
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Texas Revolution

All settlers moved to texas because mexico just gained a lot of land and no one was there to keep it populated.The Battle of the Alamo was General Santa Anna v. Colonel William. Texans held up for two weeks but they all where killed, including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie.The Battle of San Jacinto was Sam Houston v. Santa Anna. Santa Anna's army was defeated quickly by Houston. Santa Anna was captured and forced to sign a treaty.

Mexican-American War

One of the cause's of The American war was over land. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was when California, Nevada and Utah increased size of U.S. 25% they did pay mexico $15 million for lands acquired. Americans declared California independent of Mexico which was called The Bear Flag Revolt.

Gold Rush performance writing

Its the first day of my dry goods store. And lots of more minners are coming in to get lunch.

The minners are the ones that give me the most buisness. Now i am a steamboat captain im taking all the minners to San francisco. So they can go and mind and get gold.

The reason they want the gold is so they can get money and buy land or get a house. Dear, parents life is good in california we are minning very good getting lots of gold. The food her is amazing and the weather is something even better. And im making so much money from being apart of the gold rush i think im going to stay out here and build my life here when i get a wife and kids. I'm sorry i've not sent a letter lately but we've been finding so much gold. Sincerly- your son a 49er