Fox Road Media Tech Tips: January

January is all about being an Inquirer!

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Don't forget that some of the possible attitudes that go along with being an Inquirer are APPRECIATION, COMMITMENT, COOPERATION, CREATIVITY, CURIOSITY, ENTHUSIASM, and INDEPENDENCE. There's also a display of iNQUIRER books - stop by and take a look!

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Looking to Integrate Technology into Your Lessons?

Kudos to our Discovery Ed Team for including links to the various ways you can integrate technology into your lessons (DSAP). You can find the presentation here!

Tech Bytes

January’s Tech Tip:

Care & Feeding of Your Computer Monitor:

1. Do not eat or drink near it. Monitors don't play well with liquids or Dorito crumbs.

2. Don’t write on or poke the screen, especially if it's a flat panel monitor. Flat panel screens are not glass, just plastic, and you can damage them quicker than you can say “LCD”. Screens on the older CRT monitors were glass so they were less subject to damage though they smudged like nobody’s business.

3. Magnets are your computers’ (or any digital device) arch-enemy. Keep magnets away from your monitor. For the record, keep magnets away from all computers, electronic equipment and credit cards! Just sayin’.

4. If your monitor is dirty wipe it off with a damp paper towel or tissue. Avoid using chemical cleaners or abrasive soaps.

5. If your monitor goes dark, check the cables (including power cable), make sure all are secure.

6. Today’s monitors are very adjustable; take advantage of that convenience. If the screen is too high, lower it. If the text is too small, enlarge it. The visual “sweet spot” on a monitor is dead center as you sit comfortably in your seat with hands on the keyboard, eyes forward with the head straight neither looking down or up. When you look down onto the monitor you stress the front of your neck, looking up stresses the rear; and as you may be looking at the screen for several hours at a time, neck strain can become a big problem.

7. If ever an LCD screen becomes compromised and starts leaking, immediately unplug it and remove it from service (at Fox Road call Ms. Zaccardi or Mr. Browne as soon as you can). The liquid contained in the monitor can be toxic if ingested and may also cause skin irritation if not washed off with warm water and soap quickly.

These are just a few basics for dealing with monitors. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your tech team in the Media Center.

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