Men of Distinction

Vol. 4, Ed. 17, 10.30.2019

Mr. Owens believes...

"As a nation, we are in need of educating EVERY child to their highest potential. We need to offer an avenue of hope and accomplishment to help children reach their goals. Mentorship has always been a part of my life and I hope that I will be able to leave a legacy of building up children so they won't become broken men. May our children leave us and go out into the world and make it a better place." ~ Mr. Melvin J. Owens

Dress for Success

Mr. Jack McCann kicked off the year training the new MODs on the importance of formal and informal dress. Students were able to ask questions about why men wear ties and slacks. Mr. McCann talked about the history of men attire and why it matters to present yourself in such clean and professional matter in different situations. Every man should have a nice oxford shirt, tie, and slacks or khaki pants. MODs also watched a video showing the importance of professional dress and how you can get that look and you don't have to "break the bank" to do it.


It was a fun day teaching the MODs how to tie neckties and bow ties. What a great time! The magic was seeing them bond and help one another. The light bulbs going off when they learn it for the first time. What a legacy building time for the men in the building who gave of their time to teach the young men. Rite of Passage...

Men of Distinction 2019 - 2020 Lunch and Learn Schedule

August 28 Dress for Success

September 11 Good Character

October 9 College Readiness/Career

November 13 Community Service

December 18 Soft Skills & Society Norms

January 15 Financial Peace University

February 12 Financial Peace University

March 11 Resourcefulness

April 15 Ambition

May 13 End of Year Dinner

Men of Distinction - September 2019 Lunch and Learn

A big thank you to fellow mentor, Bryan Mills for speaking with the MODs of the importance of Good Character and what that looks like in your everyday life. Mr. Mills was able to paint a picture for the MODs and generate good questions to lead discussions. Amazing presentation and table discussions!

We are stronger together!

Big picture

Men of Distinction - October 2019 Lunch and Learn

Thank you to our former principal and current Assistant Chief of Schools, Mr. Andy Plunkett, for presenting to the MODs College and Career Readiness. Mr. Plunkett stressed the importance of knowing if you want to attend college or technical school you can afford it. There are so many opportunities and financial aid at our fingertips. Thank you Mr. Plunkett for continuing to pour into our students!

Mentors Matter

I'm so thankful every time I see a young person being mentored by an adult. Our community mentors are the best. Giving of their valuable time and resources to pour into our youth. It definitely takes a village and I'm so happy we have men willing to come into our schools and push our boys to do their best and show them the way. Community mentors, YOU MATTER!

Know your WHY...

Mr. Owens presented to the MOD's on knowing their WHY. Each student had an opportunity to say their WHY and how they know it. They talked among one another regarding the steps they are taking to make sure they stay focused on achieving their goals.

Good Character Matters...

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