Greek religion, philosophy, and art

Dalton A.

How Pericles strengthened democracy!

He made important achievements in arts, philosophy, and literature. Pericles had a law that made the city pay a salary to it's officials. He also built a temple to honor the god Athena. The salary to officials allowed poor people to hold public offices.

Greek Gods and Godesses

The influence of Greek Gods

Where ever they lived, the Greeks built temples to honor their many gods. The gods looked like humans, and had many characteristics of a human, but they were immortal and had powers. The Greek god Zeus, was the highest god of them all. He was incharge of the heavens, and storms. Because of this, many people thought when there was a storm, Zeus was mad.

The Search for Knowledge

The dramatically visual arts of Greece.

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The Partheneon

The partheneon has a great significance to it. It was built during the Golden Age to honor the god Athena. The building has many rows of columns. It was also built by the order of Pericles.

How Greeks used the visual and dramatic arts in their lives.

Ancient Greeks used their arts in their lives a lot. They used it when they were building buildings. They also used it in dramas, such as tragedies, or comedies.

What I enjoyed the most about this chapter.

I enjoyed learning about the trojan war and the greek gods.