my poems

by Shawn wild

personification poem

I am water

Walking through a cycle

Slapping the ground with a thud

Running through the grass as a stream

Sitting on the ocean floor I am water

I am water

Picture from thing link


cinqauin poem


Sweet, cold

Melting, Dripping, Freezing

As cold as ice




There was a rich mango

Who learned how to tango

And found a new pet bunny

Then lost all his money

Then lost the cowboy named rango


rhyme scheme

The little old man

Had a house made of sticks

His neighbor the dog

Had a house made of bricks



Autumn is awesome

Like the breezes in the fall

I am a season


ode to music

Music oh music you help me think

When I'm down you lift me up

When I'm sad you make me happy

Your like a best friend to me

I dance along with you

Instrumental is my favorite kind of you

Your the thing I like the most


acrostic poem

Eager to learn

All together

Super students

Team work


exaggeration poem

There was a fruit

Who passed a toot

And ate a whole which

Then he grew to legs

Walked to India

Ate mt Everest

Drank the Arabian

Then was bigger than the sun

Got eaten by a man

Lost a ton of weight

Turned back into a pear

To win the state fair la la la la la la


color poem

Orange is the color of my friends jacket

Orange is a the train color

Orange smells like orange juice

Orange tastes like an egg yoke

Orange sounds like sizzling butter

Orange looks like a roasted marshmallow

Orange feels like the warmth of the sun

Orange makes me fell happy

Orange is awsome

makes me think of poem

animals makes me think of cows

cows makes me think of jerky

jerky makes me think of meat

meat makes me think of food

food makes me think of hunting

hunting makes me think of nature

nature makes me think of animals