Augusto Pinochet Ugarte

Dictator of Chile

Essential Question: Even though Pinochet was a dictator of Chile, how did he contribute to the strength of democratic influence in Chile?

Early Life of Augusto Pinochet

Pinochet was born in Valparaiso, Chile on November 25, 1915. He attended all local schools and began the rest of his life in a Chilean military academy in Santiago, Chile. He began his military experience in 1936 as a career officer but by 1968 he moved through each rank and became a Brigadier General. As Pinochet grew up he kept his distance from politics however, when Allende was elected in to office supporting Marxist ideology, Pinochet, as well as many other officers in the military were disturbed. Pinochet remained loyal to the new president and was named commander in chief of the army by Allende in 1973. Just 18 days later after being named Command in Chief, Pinochet had executed the overthrowing and killing of Salvador Allende with the help of a military coup.

Life as A Dictator

In 1974, Pinochet became president of Chile and appointed the rest of his junta that supported him as his advisors. With Chile under the rules of Pinochet he made it his personal goal to eliminate all leftist ideas in Chile. Pinochet along with his restless goal of destroying leftist ideas also wanted to revive the economy. One of the best moments for the Chilean economy under Pinochet rule was the economic boom of 1976 - 1979 where wages increased and inflation in the country had dramatically decreased. However, Pinochet was not the great and beloved ruler of Chile. Pinochet accomplished the uprising of the Chilean economy with the help of graduates from the University of Chicago who majored in economics. Later in life he was convicted by the British under a Spanish warrant for the killings and mistreatment of Spanish people during his rule. One significant event that stood out and Pinochet was charged for was the one known as the "Caravan of Death". In this event, Pinochet ordered 57 citizens to death and 18 kidnappings. Among this almost 3,000 killings or disappearances occurred to those who were suspected to be leftist supporters. Pinochet was the dictator of Chile since 1973 however, he did step down in 1998 to Ricardo Lagos who was elected president of Chile. Pinochet as dictator of Chile committed many atrocities and killings however, he destroyed leftist or communist influence in Chile.
The Crimes of Pinochet - Chile

Movie Summary

In this video, many people were interviewed and imprisoned by Augusto Pinochet. Of those who were interviewed they were convicted of being suspected to supporting leftist ideas however were never involved in any political parties. The prisoners were tortured and were not allowed any information in fact the film crew was not supposed to interview and film the detainees. Those who were detained were not informed on how long they were supposed to stay or what exactly they were convicted for. This is a general trait among dictators and what they're trying to accomplish. In Pinochet's case he was trying to destroy all leftist influence in Chile and he was committed to accomplishing that by imprisoning anyone suspected of supporting leftist ideology.

Pinochet's Dictatorial Poem

I watch him run in terror and fright

But the thoughts he left are the real fight.

My junta is strong and my plans are revised.

Build the economy and find the commy demise.

Left is weak and theres nothing correct like right.

I do what I do and step down under true light.

Democracy will rise with Lagos

Then I will continue to work, Yo Trabajo!

I refuse to run in terror and fright

The Spanish expect me to fear their might.

Like the economy I face inflation.

However I grew weak from ruling the nation.

Many were hurt and many were hired.

I did what I could to guarantee leftist retire.

By: Michael Riley

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