Beautiful, Diverse and Safe - Take Another Look at Colombia.


Northwestern region of South America bordering to the east with Venezuela and Brazil to the south with Ecuador and Peru.

Weather & Climate

High 50's to 60's humid and rainy

Very warm and tropical on the coast and in the North rainy Seasons from May to November cooler in the upland areas and cold in the Mountains.

2 Physical Features

The Andes South America's great mountain chain and Magdalena is the largest Tributary.


They speak Spanish Andean or Pastuso (spoken in the southwest region of the country)

Folkways and Taboos

Folkways: Men shake hands with direct eye contact. The people use both their mothers and fathers last names. When greeting someone women grasp forearms instead of shaking hands. Its polite to try everything you are given.

Taboos: Do not wear expensive jewelry or watches. Don't say a bad word about the Catholic religion or Colombia.

Evidence of Culture Change:

"Plan Colombia" a $7 billion social aid and anti-drug program that included $1.3 billion largely military from the United States.

Colombia has changed its name 7 times since 1819.

Subcultures in Colombia

One subculture there is Drug Trafficking and another one in the Andes mountains is Nomadic hunter-gather groups another one is Indigenous groups.
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Location of Colombia in South America