Healthy Living in Springfield

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle for Springfield Public Schools

"Healthy People in Action"

The new Springfield Public School promotes the health goals of Healthy People 2020, a service that provides objectives and strives to improve the health and lives of U.S. citizens. The new health regulations for SPS are to ensure to promote students health, reduce childhood obesity/overweightness, to teach kids lifelong healthy habits, and to promote and increase student achievement.

Nutrition Guidelines

School breakfasts and lunches must meet the USDA Guidelines for Nutritional Standards for grades Pre-K through 12th grade. Foods must be organic, whole-grain rich, and first ingredients in food must contain fruits, vegetables, dairy, or a protein-rich food, and there must also be limits on fat, sugar, Calories, and sodium. Schools may not sell carbonated beverages or energy drinks, and instead sell water, 100% fruit orvegetable juice, unflavored low-fat or skim milk, etc. For various celebrations, such as fundraisers, school parties (with the exception for middle and high schools), rewards and celebrations, etc. will not serve carbonated beverages or unhealthy foods.
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Physical Activity

Schools are required to provide P.E., recess, etc. for all students. P.E. must allow 60 minutes of physical activity and sports, and recess must be at least 30 minutes long for kids to play and to exercise. Schools can encourage sports and extracurricular activities so students can participate socially and physically. Schools can also encourage families as partners in their children's education and collaborating to help schools ensure physical activity for all students.
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Community involvement will help schools collaborate with agencies and businesses concerning physical health and well-being of students. Community involvement includes school gardens, community kitchens, etc. Families may also be involved in their child's physical and extracurricular activities and may also partner with schools to help improve student health.

Smoking/Drug Abuse Awareness and Sun Safety

Students will be taught about the dangers of smoking and abusing drugs, as this can cause a downward spiral in a student's health, physical being, and mind. Also, students will learn about sun safety and how to protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun.