Koch's Kaleidoscope

2nd Grade Spectrum

Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Spring Everyone,

We have been like the bees this spring, quite busy (and actually studying insects). You haven't heard from me as much this semester, and that is due to this busy time of year! We have continued to work on our creative thinking throughout each unit, in math, and ELA, as we compare things by making analogies, attempting to look at other's points of view (perspective taking), brainstorming, and a little application of the S.C.A.M.P.E.R strategy (a model that is used to help people come up with new and creative ideas). Most recently we have made Google slide presentations on an animal of our choice, making sure to focus on the life cycle. Many of the students have finished a stop motion video to go along with their presentations (others still a work in progress). We also studied what makes and insect an insect and a bug a bug. Did you know a bug is an insect, but not all insects are bugs?!? Students practiced categorizing and even had experience using a dichotomous key (simplified) to help them identify insect cards. Not to mention the day, we actually went out and caught an insect to observe. Students also made reports using Google docs and Google drawing on an insect of their choice and made a final poster to teach others about their insect. Overall, it's been a creepy, crawling March an April! Can you believe there's only 3 weeks of school left? Your children are almost big third graders, ready to move upstairs, bring home their personal learning device (laptop), and dive deep into more learning. I have no doubt they are ALL READY for this transition!

The Apple Tree Life Cycle!
My Stop Motion Movie