Village Valcartier!

And Mr. Christie/Cadbury Village

Snowy Fun!

The fun doesn't have to end when snow falls in Québec. Come and enjoy the largest winter playground in North America! Village Valcartier features a wide array of activities and events, along with many tasty restaurants. Bring down your friends and family to spend the day. Village Valcartier has been a winter classic for over 50 years!

What To Bring?

Village Valcartier is just 20 minutes away from Quebec city. Don't forget to bring all your gear. Here's a helpful list!

-Full snow gear.

-Warm boots

-Goggles or sunglasses

-A camera to capture your experience

-Your sense of adventure!

Mr. Christie/Cadbury Village

Don't forget to come and visit this village! With games everywhere and a parade at night, it is sure to entertain all ages! Being sponsored by Mr. Christie Cookies and Cadbury chocolates along with Kraft foods, there are sure to be some delectable treats!

Village de plaisir

Descendez et amusez-vous de l'hiver au soleil !