iPhone 6

Apple has disappointed the people

Two of the new iPhone in the world, talking about

Apple has launched its two new iPhone . Apple products are now the world about the Apple company and its new products vitarka getting several different kinds of reasoning . At present the technology world seems to be true of a lot of speculation .

One striking feature is the creation of iPhone 5S refers to a fingerprint scan teknoloja , the phone's home buttons are included . Users currently using this technology will be able to unlock the phone quickly and can be purchased from the iTunes store . This feature is still at work are limited , but over time it can be used on other financial transactions .

Pum that some security researchers warned that the finger print technology is good , but not perfect . It is a small amount compared to the same codes as dijitanam provides more safety . Finger print so can be used in any way .

Another thing is that e- commerce sites to purchase their own epamam going to buy if they can help the fingerprint scanner . So if someone else using your phone to make a purchase when the epano can not do it . But Apple has not yet given its approval on the App devaloparone .

In China, the iPhone will be paid 5C

The contract will have a value of $ 549 iPhone 5C overseas . China, with a tax value of $ 735 or more , as well as a technology site says . The new high-end phones, the iPhone smartphone market offers .

Apple iPhone 4 sold in China for $ 422 will be issued , but the phone is three years old , the competition and the new iPhone will be available in the market with other local smartphone .

iPhone 5 C and 5 s world will be divided into two

Clearly the choice of the customers PC provides two new iPhone - Gold iPhone, iPhone or plastic ? In terms of its non-US users to buy expensive golden body with a plastic iPhone iPhone for $ 399 for $ 99 ?

The iPhone already has a bias in the phone maker . In a particular class is used . Samsung Apple knock this policy . Consequently, a clear need for customers to PC , iPhone or other phone .. ? Now the choice has become more complex . Gold iPhone users to use a cheaper iPhone to its vision to be something different .

iPhone 5c (16 GB) version of the analokda value of $ 549 and 32 GB version, the price is $ 649 . Directly to the value of Rs 35136 and Rs 41536 respectively kanavarta the two values ​​is Rs . The price includes taxes and other charges .

Indian markets have not been announced for the iPhone 5 C values ​​, the values ​​of the current market value than kanavarta may be around Rs 35000 . The Indian market to determine the values ​​of all the rights to Apple . iPhone 5c will be in India in December .

iPhone 5 will not be on the market , iPhone 4S will be available

The new iPhone that Apple is offering a discount on their old model . But now the company seems to have changed their policy since September last year to launch an iPhone 5 now available in the market .

Apple iPhone 5 could be offered for $ 99 , but the launch of the new iPhone 5c has taken its place . Now it appears the company will be sold in two different models for the price of one is felt . iPhone 5 is the same as many of the features of iPhone 5c . It has a 4 -inch screen and an 8 megapixel camera .

The new iPhone 5 in C does not use a plastic body and aluminum . But those in the rear of the glass body of the iPhone 5 is in . IPhone 5 C. If it has more colors . To buy it, Green , Blue , Yellow , Pink and White rangomanthi be selected . Even Apple iPhone 5 to have been withdrawn , but its previous model, the iPhone 4S will be found . Two -year-old iPhone 4S will be available in free with a two year contract .

In terms of connectivity the iPhone is a dual- band WiFi . It also has Bluetooth 4 . The phone is also very useful for the Internet sokhino may prove to be .

In the 4 -inch retina display of iPhone 6 . According to PC and battery on 3G networks and WiFi and LTE network tokataima 10 hours to 10 hours and up to 8 hours on 3G network that supports web browsing . The battery 10 hours video playback and 40 hours audio playback is also supported.