HHS Counselor Updates


We are all in this together!

This newsletter has been designed as resource tool to use during our distant learning period. We want you to have knowledge about resources in the community and the availability to contact your counselor or any counselor, if needed. Please use our "HHS Counselor Updates" as a resource guide as we navigate through this new adventure together.

Este boletín ha sido diseñado como una herramienta de recursos para usar durante nuestro período de aprendizaje a distancia. Queremos que tenga conocimiento sobre los recursos en la comunidad y la disponibilidad para contactar a su consejero o cualquier consejero si es necesario. Utilice nuestras "Actualizaciones de consejeros de HHS" como guía de recursos mientras navegamos juntos por esta nueva aventura.

Distance Learning Availability & Contact Information

HHS Counselor Hours

Counselors are available by email daily

Phone calls/ Video chats/ Google Hangouts chats Hours are:

8am-10am & 12pm-2pm


To request a meeting with a counselor:

  1. Please complete a counselor request form: Use the QR code below or visit our website.

  2. Once received, the counselor requested will be in contact within a 24hr period.

Humble High School Counseling Team Contact Info

Jessica Mitchell 9th Grade Counselor for Alphabet A-J & Lead Counselor

1200 office with Ms. Freshwater, AP

(281) 641-6411 jessica.mitchell@humbleisd.net

Tanae Phipps 9th Grade Counselor Alphabet K-Z

1100 Office with Mr. Hollier, AP

(281) 641-6340 tanae.phipps@humbleisd.net

Dustin Cabassa 10th Grade Counselor Alphabet A-Me

4000 Office with Mr. De Leon, AP

(281) 641-6332 dustin.cabassa@humbleisd.net

Kasey Alford 10th Grade Counselor Alphabet Mi-Z & 11th Grade Counselor Alphabet Pri-Z

2300 Office with Mr. Malone, AP

(281) 641-6362 kasey.alford@humbleisd.net

Carla Braden 11th Grade Counselor Alphabet A-Pre

T-Building Office with Mr. Colston, AP

(281) 641-6547 carla.braden@humbleisd.net

Krystle Black 12th Grade Counselor Alphabet A-L

4000 Office with Mr. Castillo, AP

(281) 641-6544 krystle.black@humbleisd.net

Raquel Landeros 12th Grade Counselor Alphabet M-Z

4000 Office with Mr. Castillo, AP

(281) 641-6321 raquel.landeros@humbleisd.net

Trasintel Scott At-Risk Counselor

2300 Office with Mr. Malone, AP

(281) 641-6456 trasintel.scott@humbleisd.net

Shelane Berry At-Risk Counselor

1200 Office with Ms. Freshwater, AP

(281) 641-6483 shelane.berry@humbleisd.net

Things to know concerning HHS

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Community Resources

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Internet Options

Charter Spectrum

Free internet services starting March 16th

To enroll in Charter’s free-broadband program, eligible consumers must call (844) 488-8395. The company said it will waive installation fees for new student households. Charter said it will partner with school districts “to ensure local communities are aware of these tools to help students learn remotely.” In addition, the operator will open its Wi-Fi hotspots across its footprint for public use, free of charge.

Verizon, Tmobile, etc

Keep Americans Connected Pledge


Internet essentials package for low income students

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Information on employment affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Local Emergency Resources

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