laura margarita calvo saavedra

why is it important to recycle?

Recycling is really important not only because you are taking care of the planet but also because you are saving money, who in this planet wouldn't like to save some money?. While you recycle you learn to live better, you learn how to separate some wastes, you save money, you learn to be more responsible and your lifestyle gets better.

what is recycling's greatest economic benefit?

As i said before, you save money; it is cheaper to make products with recycled wastes than buying the products that you need. Recycling benefits the economy by also reducing products;As more items are reduced, the amount of waste that needs to go to the landfill or incinerator is also reduced.

what are the environmental benefits of recycling?

Everyone knows that recycling means less trash, but the greatest benefit of recycling is that we preserve our natural resources like water and forests; also we prevent the pollution that is generated by the factories.

what did you learn from this document?

Every single place in the town wants to preserve the resources; some families take their lightening from the sun, sell their things, don't use a drier machine, don't use the shower for a lot of time. The city hall is were the mayor and the rest of the people that work there recycle the stuff they don't anymore and they also make activities so the citizens learn to preserve the natural resources.
Waste and Recycling