Komodo Island Vacation

By: Tyler Knopp

My Vacation Facts

My dream vacation is to see my favorite animal and go to their natural habitat witch is Komodo Island. It is located south west of Indonisea. I want to visit this place because it is the natural habitat of the world largest lizard. The lizard that live their don't kill their pray with vinum that kill it with deadly bacteria in their mouth. Kamodo dragons were named after the island that they inhabit.
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Komodo island

komodo island is about 9,721 miles away. I will go by myselfm and will get their by plane.I will be thare for a week and a half.

Whare will i stay?

I will stay in a Bintang Flores Hotel on Komodo island. it is 4 miles from the Komodo center. I will need to pack the usual basic acentules like toothpast, 4 pars of clothing for the acashons,ect.