By: Caeden Meredith


Chernobyl, a country in Ukraine, that had a nuclear explosion. A nuclear reactor exploded launching a 3,280 feet tall cloud of radiation. The smoke contaminated a lot of land. Half-Life spread everywhere. People, to this day can not farm on some land because of the explosion. There is an 18 mile fence around the nuclear plant still to this day.
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Soviet Union

The Soviet Union and the USA developed nuclear weapons in the Cold War. Socialism is a kind of government when the economy is ruled by resources. Collective farms are farms that the government gets to choose how much food the farmers get to give away and the rest they can keep. They had the first satellite in space.
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Trans- Siberian Railroad

Soldiers were enlisted to make the railroad. The terrain the make the railroad was not the best. The gauge for the trains are wider so when they are getting goods from a train they have to change it to another train. It is the longest railway in the world. The hard work was done with a shovel and pick. People are still adding on to it today.
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