SHS STAFF - Week of August 31 2020

Well Done!

I applaud you all! As we started the week anxiety was getting the best of me. The uncertainty of our students following procedures worried me. Your fears of returning to F2F instruction bothered me. You have done a great job! It just took us getting back into the swing of things for me to realize we just needed to get busy, back to what we do best. Our students have embraced this challenge. You have embraced this challenge. With one week down we are headed for greatness!

Thank you for never giving up. What you do each and everyday matters and that has never been more evident to me than now. Our kids need you. YOU MATTER

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Are you in the Power Zone?

What is the Power Zone?
  • Simply teaching or monitoring in close proximity to one student or a small group of students, or the entire classroom full of students. (Basically, you are where the kids are.)
  • When a teacher engages in this practice, every other instructional practice that he or she brings to bear is enhanced and made more powerful.


  1. On-task behaviors increase
  2. Discipline issues decrease
  3. Student retention on the content increases

Classroom walkthroughs will begin this week. You are expected to be in the Power Zone 75% of the time.

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Taking Attendance



Beginning Monday you will be able to post attendance in your grade book for face-to-face learners. However, the update has not taken place for us to code our online learners. So when taking attendance you will mark online learners as PRESENT.

Please make sure you know who your online learners are when posting attendance. If you see that an online learner has not engaged in Canvas please fill out the change of absence form the following day, so that Mrs. Odom can go in and mark the student as absent. You will find the form in your box. Mrs. Odom will keep a stack of these in a mailbox for you to grab as needed. When the update takes place Mrs. Odom will have the online learners coded as Remote Asynchronous. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Odom.

Also, remember to access the tardy google sheet to begin reporting tardies Monday.

Attendance MUST be taken at 10:03 AM.

Attendance Audits are no fun and can cause the district to lose funding.

Make it a habit - Make it a habit

Need a Substitute?

We are still using the Smartfinder System for substitutes this year so if you will be out you will need to record your absence in this system. I have included the link below along with instructions but if you have any questions feel free to ask Mrs. Nelson for assistance.

Please remember your Access ID is your staff ID without any leading zeros. As of right now, we have 22 subs signed up for the District but we will hopefully get more.

Nuts and Bolts

  • Dress Code - If you see a student wearing a nose ring or with facial hair, it needs to be addressed. Please ask them to correct it or ask for assistance.

  • Sunshine Committee - Please turn in $15 to Nicki Nelson to help with faculty activities throughout the year.

  • Classroom Doors - Classroom doors should be locked and closed during class. We have magnetic erasers for propping doors. Please use those rather than chairs to keep doors open. Need one...See Mr. Brown.

  • Cleaning - The evening custodial crew will be placing a check-off sheet in each classroom indicating it has been cleaned and sanitized. I've been told this form needs to be placed near the door for them to access daily. In addition to daily cleaning and sanitizing, twice per week, they will use the electromagnetic spraying system in each room.

  • Website and Club pages - Please make sure your website and club pages are up-to-date.

  • Goals - Please revisit your goals and/or create your goals in DMAC. There must be two goals (one centered around instructional practices and one centered around technology). Goals meeting will be scheduled over the next three weeks with your appraiser.

  • Average Daily Attendance - ADA has always been important but now more than ever accurate accounting practices must be apart of everyone's daily routine. Please do your part in making sure each student is accounted for as a F2F learner or Remote Asyncronous learner every period and every day.

Upcoming Events

August 31

September 1

  • Volleyball vs Boyd @ SHS 5:00 PM

September 2

September 3

  • Faculty Meeting @ 7:40 AM (Cafeteria or Auditorium)
  • F/JV Football @ Lake Worth, 5:00 PM

September 4

  • Volleyball vs Springtown @SHS, 4:30 PM
  • V Football vs Lake Worth @SHS 7:30 PM

September 11 - Compliance Videos Due

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Power is like a candle. You can give a child power without giving away any of your own power. Empower choice, responsibility, collaboration, reflection, critical thinking, and continuous learning with a growth mindest.

It's a great day to be a Sanger Indian!

Sanger High School is an exceptional campus focused on innovative learning where students are prepared to create their future in an ever-changing world.