Thursday Brief

September 5th

Structured Tutorials

I will begin hiring teachers for our paid after school tutoring. Any teachers interested need to let me know. This is hourly pay from 3:40-4:30 and you can work one or two days a week. I am looking for the following.

Teachers to teach the Really Great Reading Intervention after school.

Teachers to teach the new Mentoring Minds Intervention in Math and Reading called ThinkUp.

I plan to start these programs as soon as possible.

Students will have a snack and work on Education Galaxy in the Common Area from 3:15-3:40. You will pick them up from there.

TTESS Calendar

Please make sure you complete your TTESS goal and Professional Development Plan on DMAC by the required deadline of October 4th. Also, if you are allowed a waiver, I put a form in your box. If you are on year two you do not need a new form. See me if you have a question about waiver. You do NOT have to waive!!!! Throw away if you want an observation.

I put the Appraisal Calendar in your boxes. If you are required for formal observation, pick three dates and time (preferably before Christmas break) and put in the folder (TTESS) outside my office.

TTESS Refresher

The refresher course is now ready for you! Please follow the instructions below. (Except Stacy and Allison). This needs to be completed by Next Friday September 13th.

Please complete the self-registration process below, and look for additional instructions regarding course requirements and deadlines.

Step 1: Click this link to complete the registration process:

Step 2: Use this registration code and complete the registration process. ttphovercraft81

Please be sure to enter your registration code EXACTLY as it appears. If copy and pasting, do not add a space before or after the registration code.

A few minutes after completing your registration, you will receive an email with your username and password.


ONLY enter UNEXCUSED tardies in Skyward.


When you are in RTI remember to check what interventions students had previous years. 4th grade teachers, if you go into forms, you can also see what TESTING accommodations students had! Remember many students that were NOT 504 or SPED benefited from extra time or oral admin and had it documented through RTI. All you have to do is look. I'm sorry when I broke my computer I lost my recording, but I am happy to come down to you on your conference, just email me and we will schedule a time.

Updated Calendar

Here is the updated calendar. I think I have birthdays and updated dates with everything i have thus far. If something is wrong or missing LET ME KNOW! I am one person with two eyes. I really need help with this. Calendar is the one thing that drives me nuts. Also, if you can go on the district one and double check me there, that helps too.



I will bring a copy of the committees from last year to our meeting. If you want me to take you off please scratch off your name. Campus and district site based has to be done every year and has to be voted so I'll send out for nominees and votes on that soon.

Week Events

ThursdaySeptember5Staff Meeting

ThursdaySeptember5Lunch BunchCafeteria

Tuesday-ThursdaySeptember3-12School MallSend Cards Home/Video

Sunday-SaturdaySeptember8-14Other People Matter Mindset Intro WeekP2 (OPM)

TuesdaySeptember104th Grade Parent Orientation6:00-6:30Classrooms

Learn Classroom Procedures & Expectations

WednesdaySeptember11Patriot DayAll DayWear Red, White, Blue

WednesdaySeptember11Debra CooperBirthday

ThursdaySeptember12Jazzy Bees Parent Meeting6:00-6:30Library

ThursdaySeptember12Lorena Kreft BirthdayBirthday

ThursdaySeptember12Nancy TylerBirthday

FridaySeptember13Deadline to Complete Safety Lessons

FridaySeptember13Dot DayAll DaySchoolCreativity Day

SaturdaySeptember14Idolina GalbraithBirthday

From Jeanine

ESL spreadsheet due on September 12th. Tab number one should be filled out. I will be adding the new students after I find them all.

Teacher webpages need to be updated or completed by Friday, September 6th. Please have someone look at it and edit for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Remember this is out there for the world to see.

Safe-schools should be complete at this time and certificates should be uploaded to Eduphoria.

If you have an ESL student, I have filled in the google spreadsheet.

From Nadine

Please check all of your class rosters. Make sure they are accurate. If they are not, please see Nadine ASAP. Thanks.

From Cristan

All teachers, Specials/CM/RR/RBD teachers, CM, RR, RBD teachers: - Review 504 rosters that were emailed to everyone.

  • If you are missing any accommodations, please email V. Cristan.
  • If you have all accommodation plans, please stop by V. Cristan’s office to sign that you received them
    • Signature sheet is located on round table in her office.

Emergency Procedures & Standard Response Protocol

Don't forget to go over all of this with students before the deadline on the 13th. We will do this briefly at student orientation on the 3rd but it is very brief! I also include it on the newsletter to parents and assure them you have reviewed this with their child so please make this a priority ASAP.