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HBD Points Users Hit 3/2 Favorite

On March 12th all current HBD points users received a 50% bump in their point total. The goal of this bump was to reward our current point users for their loyalty and make way for the beginning of a new era here at HBD.

Our users will always be able to save more buy purchasing HBD points, but now users can also check out directly with PayPal. Quickly and easily buy single race files without going through the HBD points system. With this change came a slight price adjustment in our products. We wanted to make sure that our loyal HBD points customers still received the sheets they had originally paid for, thus each and every HBD point user received the 50% bonus.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this exciting news please feel free to contact us at hbd@horsebettingdirect.com.

HBD's Top Six Kentucky Derby Horses

Here we are sitting about 7 weeks out from the Kentucky Derby, we will likely see most of these contenders once may be twice more before they take the gate in Kentucky. After an exciting weekend last weekend with three and a half Derby prep races, let’s see what our top six look like now.

  1. DORTMUND – I will be the first to admit, I was not high on this horse entering last weekend’s San Felipe Stakes, but he proved me wrong. He won and won going away and looked good doing it. Ocho Ocho Ocho was nowhere to be found in this race after being pinched pretty hard in the gate, but this was a quality field and Dortmund was clearly the best here. Dortmund will likely make his next start as the favorite in the Santa Anita Derby and with 70 points already in the bank, he clearly has enough to find a spot in the gates on Derby Day.

Find out who else made the list...

False Favorites Report Coming Soon to HBD!

Be on the look out for an exciting new product that highlights False Favorites racing everyday across the country. One report that highlights the races that could provide the most value from all the tracks we offer. One report providing the most likely big horizontal and vertical payouts with the key horses to avoid....One Report to Rule them All!

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