Jake's Joyride

Strap Yourself in

What's going on?

We will have a great time on Jake's Joyride! Trust me. It will be a fun, all day adventure to Jake's favorite spots all around the area.! The very best part of the Journey is that its on Jake's birthday! Jake's Joyride will take you to Valleyfair, Richfield Middle School Pool, and for dinner The Cheesecake Factory!


Sunday, Jun 2nd, 10am-2:30pm

1 Valleyfair Drive, Shakopee, MN 55379 Shakoppe, MN

Valley Fair is an amazing experience. Especially around summertime! When its hot. Valley Fair is located in Shakopee MN. ValleyFair is important to me because I love to go there anytime I get to go there, it is so fun to go with friends. I have met some of my friends now at ValleyFair. At ValleyFair there are many amazing and sometimes scary amusement rides. The Price of The trip pays for a pass to Soak City, the "Waterful" waterpark inside of ValleyFair. My favorite ride there is Steel Venom! Because it whips you around with such force. It is like being whipped around in a tornado. Every ride here is great! You will have the time of your life!

Valleyfair, 1 Valley Fair Drive, Shakopee, MN 55379, USA

ValleyFair has places to eat meals and food stands for snacking. ValleyFair's prices for a day pass ranges from 34.99-43.99$ for an all day only pass. Which is a sort of high price. But what we are charging for the all day Journey is an excellent steal.

Richfield Middle School Pool!

Sunday, Jun 2nd, 3-6:30pm

7461 Oliver Avenue South

Richfield, MN

RMS has the only working pool out of the schools in Richfield. The RMS Pool Was built in the 1900s! Also this pool is where most of the sections meets happen, because it is one of the best pools in Minnesota! When you walk into the pool area it feels like the Sahara Desert. It is SMOKING HOT. The RMS pool is important to me because it is where I grew up swimming, because I took swimming lessons there when I was really young. The pool is humongous! It also has a diving well as deep as the ocean! The two pools combined will hold 250+ people so there will be a lot of comfortable room.

Cheesecake Factory Dinner!

Sunday, Jun 2nd, 7pm

Edina MN, 2715 Southdale Center, Edina, MN 55435

This is our last stop on Jake's Joyride! Sad but it has to end sometime. The Cheesecake factory is an amazing restaurant! May be pricey but it is totally worth it! The food is as good as chocolate! everyone loves chocolate! So everyone will love the decadent food at cheesecake factory! The Cheesecake Factory is important to me because I go there every year for my birthday! The Cheesecake Factory was invented in 1949. There are 30 different kinds of Cheesecake on the menu. This place is amazing from the atmosphere, to the food.