HP Lovecraft

The man...the fiction...the film

Warning...not for the faint of heart...

Prepare yourself for a 1-credit journey into the chilling works of the master of horror. This unique course will allow you to practice your college-level course skills,WHILE diving into the depths of the nautical abyss...

Note: as the warning suggests, this course will include material that some may find offensive.


Prepare to plunge into the slimy depths of subconscious, primal terror...Lovecraft's prolific work has inspired generations of writers, directors and fans of the bizarre...in this course, we will look at some of his seminal works, as well as look at the works of people inspired by him.

HPL, Fiction & Film is a 15-week online seminar class, which will 'meet' on Tuesday mornings, between 9 and 11, and will consist of readings (short stories, critic reviews and interviews), viewing of films, and writings (weekly responses, critical film reviews and a large critical analysis as the finale).

Course Info:

What you can get out if this course:

-A full English or Elective credit at the end of the semester

-Some written work that will satisfy some of your English Portfolio requirements

-A chance to get credit for reading, writing and watching some crazy material!

-Weekly discussion boards with other students from all over the state

-Time-management practice

-A chance to take some college-level material

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or, check out the video below for some more info on Lovecraft...

H.P. Lovecraft: Fear Of The Unknown [2008]