English 411

Contemporary British Science Fiction and Fantasy

Read! Write! Create! Think!

  • Read science fiction and fantasy for credit!
  • Explore the concept of fandom while watching Doctor Who!
  • Define genre and what it means to place literature into categories!
  • Have a grand time!

Dr. Shea Stuart

Office Hours: MWF 9-10, 12-1 and by appt.

TR 10:25 Craig 202

Required Materials:

American Gods, Neil Gaiman

Zoo City, Lauren Beukes

Embassytown, China Mieville

Among Others, Jo Walton

The Rest of Us Just Live Here, Patrick Ness

Binti, Nnedi Okorafor


Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Prerequisite(s): English 102


1.To develop an appreciation for significant texts in literature.

2.To become familiar with major ideas, concepts, and themes in British literature.

3.To contextualize British literature socially, culturally, and historically.

4.To improve critical and analytical ability in thinking and writing about literature.

5.To practice writing and speaking clearly and cogently about British literature.

General Education Competencies for Division of Humanities

A. Students will develop skills in formulating well organized thoughts for the

purpose of effective communication.

B. Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze written, oral, or visual forms

of communication and create appropriate responses.

C. Students will compare and contrast intra- and intercultural realities to

cultivate attributes necessary for adapting to and functioning in a globalized world.

D. Students will develop skills in effective research using traditional and

technology-based research methods.

Attendance and Classwork

We'll do a lot of in-class activities. This is not a lecture class. In-class assignments may be made up if posted on Blackboard; otherwise, losing the points goes along with missing class.

If you will be absent, try to let me know. Illness and family emergencies happen; just keep me updated and I will work with you. (Check Student Handbook for university attendance policy.)

We'll use daybooks and Blackboard for in-class activities.


Your reading for each day is listed in the course calendar. For some texts, you will have supplementary readings on Blackboard.

PLEASE READ FOR EACH CLASS MEETING. This is not a lecture class. Your learning is based on your participation, your engagement with the material. By the second or third class period for each text, write a 2-page daybook response that you will share with the class.

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In addition to responses and in-class assignments, you will complete projects throughout the semester.

Project 1 -- Genre Theory

Project 2 -- Fandom

Project 3 -- Final

I will post a step-by-step guide to the assignments on Blackboard.

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Grades and Grading Scale

Daybook Reading Responses -- 50 points each (14 posts total)

Projects -- 100 points each (3 projects total)

Total available points -- 1000

Grade Scale

A+ 100-99 C+ 85-84

A 98-96 C 83-80

A- 95-94 C- 79-78

B+ 93-92 D+ 77-76

B 91-88 D 75-72

B- 87-86 D- 71-70

F 69 and below

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