Counselor Corner

Character Trait: Courage


How do you know what bullying is? ( a great resource for all things related to bullying. As students begin to feel comfortable, behaviors can escalate. If you have a student who feels he/she is being bullied, please have them complete a bully report. Talk to the students involved with hopes of a resolution. If it continues, please have student fill out a second report, and I will address it. A third report will be turned in to Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Morris if necessary.

Upcoming Events

9/16-9/17: 4th Grade Guidance

9/18: Recycling picked up: Leave box outside your door. I found my extra boxes if you need one.

9/19: Lunch with a Loved One

9/23-9/24: 5th Grade Guidance

9/25: Austin Family Fit Night at Holland Lake Park. Come and walk, run, bike the trail and encourage our Austin families.