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The Four & A Half Year Memoir -In Action!

I know you're probably wondering what I'm up to for this month. There's word on the street that I've been working on a story worth reading about -My life! Nothing about it is easy to write, but I finally overcame the long roads of denial. Thanks to a special someone (Courtney) I was forced to open my heart, and be of service to someone who may need me. I'm hoping that the rewriting process goes smoothly, because 270 pages of excitement is a lot to polish up on!

If you're someone who has been in bad relationships, at war with your heart & mind, and maybe even trying to find some kind of freedom and identity, this is definitely going to be a read for you. I plan on getting very well acquainted with my eNewsletter subscribers, so this is the right time for you to stick around for monthly updates. I'm not as lame as you probably think I am; trust me, you'll see.

I'm excited as much for this memoir, because I'll be mailing out SASE's and praying that the Lord will bless me with an opportunity to bless others. I stepped out of my fiction, creative side, to introduce myself through the realest reality, I know how, through writing.

This month, I'll be working on building my social media presence too! Please, support and follow me. I enjoy loyal followers who can grant me the honor of joining me on this journey. I won't disappoint you. You're worth all the time in the world, so give me a chance!

A Tear In The Fabric, this is a memoir about life: imperfection, faith, forgiveness, marriage, evolution, and more! Do me a favor, tell your friends about me! You ought' to be proud of lil 'ole me.

-K. Copeland

After I've executed the week's plans to get my work done, I find it challenging to have a day of relaxation. It's like there's a need deep down in my soul to be productive at all times.

A Re-evaluation Check ✔️

Tuesday, April 28th, 5pm

This is an online event.

Join me live on Google, as I talk about the wonderful re-evaluation I've been experiencing lately. Get some tips and fun-facts on healthy living. See how life can be so much better, when you clean out the "junk" in your life.