European Exploration

By: Austin Gutierrez, Tyler Hale, and Tucker Perry

Political Reasons For Exploration

England wanted to claim territory in America. The English claimed land such as The Virgin Queen, the Chesapeake bay region, also along the Atlantic coast, and also in the west indies.

Scocial Reasons For Exploration

England wanted to explore America to socially change America to spread there own beliefs and religions.

Economic Reasons for exploration

England saw advantages of trade in the east so Martin Frobisher was hired to find a north west trade route (the Northwest passage). Later he and John Davis explored along the Atlantic Coast. England wanted to find spices in the new world to hide the spoiled and rotten taste of old meat.

Famous Explorers

There were many explorers during the renaissance time period but here are some really famous ones:

John Cabot

Sir Humphrey Gilbert

Sir Walter Raleigh

Martin Frobisher

John Davis

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Extra information

Walter Raleigh sent a company to explore new territory while there he named Virginia after Elizabeth (virgin Queen). in the seventeenth century England took the lead in colonizing America.