Computer Craze

Computer Craze Camp is Starting Next Week at Barstow Summer Academy

Hello, Parents and Guardians!

Next week your student will be attending the Computer Craze class at Barstow Summer Academy. I am very excited to meet your student and get started with some very fun activities! Your student will be learning to use some programs that allow them to create cartoon strips, flyers, newspapers, and other great educational tools. In order to participate in a few of these activities, your student will need access to a Google account. No need to worry! I will set up their account so that they will not be able to be contacted by anyone outside of the classroom environment.

Please e-mail me at if you have any questions or concerns about your student participating in these activities.

Sarah McKay

Computer Craze at Barstow Summer Academy

Tuesday, July 5th, 9am

11511 State Line Road

Kansas City, MO

Teachers will be waiting outside to meet your students. Look for us on the first day, we will be wearing purple shirts!

Class Wordpress Webpage

Throughout the week, I will be posting projects that the student create each day. Feel free to visit the webpage to view the creative projects your students complete!