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Vote me, Venecia Webb, Senator of Financial Affairs

Getting to know your next Senator of Financial Affairs

Full name: Venencia Annette WebbBirthdate: August 13, 2013Hometown: Dallas, TexasHigh School: Lincoln humanities/communications Magnet high SchoolClassification: JuniorVision for Senator of Financial Affairs: As Sen. of Financial Affairs, I plan to make sure that I have a great connection with the Comptroller, be able to update the senate as to where the budget is at all times in the absence of the Comptroller. I willmake sure that everyone i am working with is on the same page, have great communication with everyone I am involved with, disclose any information I can to the students about financial whereabouts of the SGA budget because the student have the right ti know. I will uphold all rules and regulations given to me as Senator of Financial Affairs. I will amke sure that I work with financial aid to bring knowledge to all student about all Finacial aid information.

Thursday, Apr 25th, 9am to Friday, Apr 26th, 6pm

3100 Cleburne Street

Houston, TX