Battle of Britain

the intense air battle

When Did it happen?

Friday, July 10th 1840 at 9:30pm

Great Britain airspace

This battle was fought between the Germans and Great Britain.

Why are these nations involved?

Germany went into battle with Great Britain because it was one of the nations that Germany had not concord yet. it was the last one standing in his way. Great Britain didn't want to surrender to Germany and they were the last nation that Germany had not gotten control of.

Who were the Generals involved?

For Great Britain air marshal Sir Hugh Dowding was the main leader. He was born in Scotland in April 1882 he served in Ceylon, Gibraltar, honk Kong and India. He returned to Britain got his flying license in 1913 he was promoted air marshal in 1934 fought in ww1. Germanys general was Adolf Hitler. HE was born on April 20, 1889 in upper Austrian border town Braunav. He was chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945. He was also president of the Nazi Germany. he was a veteran of ww1 and also the leader of NSDAP in 1921.

Goal of the battle of Britain

Germanys goal was the gain control of Great Britain airspace to launch their invasion. COntrol of the channel so British navy wouldn't be able to stop it. Great Britain was just trying to keep control of their country they didn't start this war but they weren't going to let Germany gain control of the last standing country against them.

Military stradegies

Great Britain:

-using tracking system they had to watch when Germany planes where coming

-ground control

-take out their plans before they can gain control over the ground


-get command of the air

-invade them taking over the last nation in their way gain total control over everyone

Who won?

the outcome of this battle was that Britain won and this was the first time Germans lose in world war. They failed to gain control. Britain's victory saved the country from ground invasion.

Long lasting impact of the battle

a lot of soldiers suffered on both sides of the battle Germany had more planes lose because they went in with more than Great Britain in the beginning. There was also a lot of shell shock and emotional distress from the Battle to people fighting and people that lived in Britain. Veterans needed long term care from it also.