Cartoon Hell

Savannah Allmon, Alexa Madenwald, Kyle LeComte, Sophia Kaied


Sinners: Squidward, Eeyore, The Grinch, Diago

Terrain: Green fields with blue skies and smiling faces

Punishment: Faces are permanently in a smile, can only say kind words or laugh


Sinners: Sam (Danny Phantom), Sid the Sloth, Muriel (Courage the Cowardly Dog), Shean (Jimmy Neutron)

Terrain: Thorn patch at the bottom of a cliff

Punishment: continuously wandering off of a cliff into a pit of thorn bushes


Sinners: Sponge Bob, Candace, Patrick, Dora

Terrain: completely dark desert

Punishment: constantly wandering around in the dark as loud and obnoxious noises play


Sinners: Homer Simpson, Shaggy, Scooby Doo, Carl

Terrain: dump site

Punishment: running through a field of waste from a creature composed of trash


Sinners: Bart Simpson, Timmy Turner, Dexter, Scar

Terrain: net hanging over a realistic image if heaven

Punishment: told that they are going to heaven until they fall into a net with objects falling on them, permanently just an arms-length away from their ideal "heaven"

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Sinners: Angelica, Johnny Bravo, Tiffany, Captain Hook

Terrain: mirror-covered room

Punishment: forced to look at yourself for eternity without covering your face or closing your eyes, only able to have negative thoughts

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Sinners: Mr. Krabs, the Onceler, Tom the cat, Plankton

Terrain: bed of hot coals

Punishment: forever chained on a bed of coals, repeatedly being suffocated by the material things chased in life

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Sinners: Sylvester, Robin Hood, Swiper, Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Terrain: boiling ground

Punishment: inability to move as every five minutes a different body part is cut off and taken away

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Sinners: Taz, Elmer Fudd, Wyle Coyote, the Joker

Terrain: wrapped with thorn bushes

Punishment: immobilized by thorn bushes, being perpetually punched, kicked, stabbed ect.

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