Looking Back On May

May The 4th Be With You!

At the beginning of May to kick off the month of fun we celebrated all the student's hard work on May 4th, because May the (4th) Force be with you from Star Wars! Isabelle and her mom brought in a chocolate Darth Vadar cake and a fun Star Wars balloon.

How To's

At the beginning of May everyone was expected to make a display board, book, video, or slide show on how to do something. Then we had to present to the class later in the middle of the month. The How -To topics could be anywhere between How-to Make Edible Nail Polish by Simone to How-To Ride a Horse by Jessie.

Outdoor Education!

From May 18th-20th, your kids were with their friends in cabins having an amazing time at sleep away camp, NatureBridge.

Pictures Of Outdoor Education

First Aid Frenzy

All the 4th grade participated in First Aid Frenzy. From 9:00-11:00 am we learned from firefighters and police officers about what safety the students should be aware of over the summer. The police and fire department talked to them about drowning, choking, biking on the road, bandaging, and fires.

Practicing The Greek Play!

Fitness Challenge

For three days all the kids in Blakely ran laps for charity. The class had a lot of fun running with their friends and beating the number of laps they did the day before. Cross your fingers that the class gets most number of laps in the fourth grade and in the whole entire school!!!

Building The New Blakely

We have seen architects for the new Blakely in our class and out at the playground. They were observing what the kids liked and didn't like, so they knew what to put in the new school and what the measurements should be for every classroom and the playground equipment.