By: David Gilman


This book is made by David Gilman who also has written Blood Sun and Devil’s Breath the first and third book of the series which I plan to read later this year. Max Gordon is a snowboarder that lives Great Britain who ended up fifth in a snowboarder competition after a nasty fall on his last stunt which would’ve put him in position to win. He was determined to find the killer after he’s blamed for the death of his best friend Sayid. He sometimes gets anger by others like when Tashiko who was the actual killer blamed him for the murder. Sometimes when you have no safety net you have to find out your own way. One way to help lead into the big picture is how he was blamed by others for the same thing. The proof was the sign saying,” Recherche pour meurtre” and below it “Max Gordon: Wanted for murder” on page 197. The conflict is when Tashiko and Sharkface ran into Max which led into a battle between Max Gordon and Sharkface. It helped led into the big picture by Max Gordon beating Sharkface and Tashiko wanting to help Max turned down the alliance plan. How Max’s Gordon solved the crime by seeing Sayid in a cave dead and realizing that Tashiko killed him. This book is a mystery and suspense novel and it played its role in the big picture because it had a ton of guessing and it also has a lot of blaming on Max Gordon. Max Gordon also beat Sharkface in a fight to the death. Also Max Gordon solved the crime. The fight ended with Max the winner. Afterward some animals attacked Max and Tasiko with to the cave part where Sayid is dead. This book compares with Half Moon a novel I read in Middle School about a 12-year old detective named Fletcher Moon was framed for a crime which he 12 hours to solve or he will be plead guilty but he has to team up which the Sharkeys in order to solve the case.

My Opinion

I thought this was a great well paced book. I recommend that anyone who likes suspense and mystery read this book i give it a 9/10.

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