National School Counseling Week


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What is NSCW2016?

National School Counseling Week is an opportunity for school counselors to showcase what they do. So in addition to my normal school counseling newsletter, I will include a "thought of the day" from the American School Counseling Association because I really feel they ring true. I am combining Monday and Tuesday because I was a little late.

Today's reason to come see your school counselor:


Not only do I have an endless supply of m&m's and suckers, but I often have more substantial snacks hidden away. If being hungry (for whatever reason) is getting in the way of you performing your best, please stop by and grab a snack. No questions asked!

And lastly, call us school counselors. If you are super interested in why "guidance counselor" isn't a thing anymore... check out

Monday Thought of the Day

Today is the first day of “National School Counseling Week.” Our focus for the

week is “The Recipe for Success.” This week, we will talk about the ingredients for building a successful future, the challenges many of you will face along the way, and what you can achieve if you believe in yourself.

Success, and how we measure it, takes on many shapes and forms. There is no single ingredient that will determine your success or failure, but many different ones. Passion and a desire to continuously improve are two such ingredients. Julia Child worked in advertising and was a top-secret researcher during World War II before becoming a famous chef. Her recipe for success was simple: “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

My job as your school counselor is to help you on your journey and work with you to prepare for life after you finish school. Let me help you write your own recipe for success. I can help each of you overcome the obstacles that everyday life

brings and help you reach your full potential. That’s what school counselors do: We help. Come by and talk to me soon.

Tuesday Thought of the Day

Today is the second day of “National School Counseling Week.” Today’s message is about how failure can ultimately lead to success. If a major league baseball player gets a hit in three out of 10 at bats, he’s considered a success. That means he fails seven out of 10 times, but he keeps working and stepping up to the plate. Michael Jordan, who won six NBA championships and is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, talked about his failures once. He said he missed almost 10,000 shots, lost 300 games and failed to make the winning basket in the final seconds 26 different times. But he never stopped shooting. “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying,’ he said. “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer, had a similar outlook. “If I try my best and fail,” he said, “well, I’ve tried my best. Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” You can’t be afraid to fail. It happens sometimes. The key is to keep trying. As your school counselor, I’m here to help you navigate your failures and celebrate your victories, no matter how large or small. Let’s succeed together.

Cool Contests for Juniors and Seniors

Have a teacher you really like?

Go here: and nominate them for the MY FAVORITE TEACHER CONTEST. They could get $5,000 and BTSOA could get $5,000. Please turn in entries to me by February 25th.

Are you a shoe fan?

Check out this link:

I registered our school and need a team of students willing to work on this. You must be in solid academic standing so you are available on flex days. Shoes are supposed to arrive around Feb 17th or so. Email me if you are interested!


Hopefully you have all heard me say over and over again to apply to your first choice college regardless of cost. Financial Aid is a complicated process and you ultimately won't know how much that school will cost until March of your senior year when you get that final financial aid letter. In my own experience, the college that had a $10,000 higher sticker price actually was the cheapest place to go once March rolled around. I've seen similar things happened to students each year.

That being said.... you have to work for it. Here is some information on how to snag those scholarships. Hint... the most important thing is to be in my office at least once a week asking for help or if I have new scholarships for you (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, JUNIORS!!!!).

Coming up:

Wednesday: Scholarships Galore (check twitter for a head start) & More reasons to see your school counselor :)

Thursday: Information on Butler Tech Adult Ed and other alternatives to a 4 year college

Friday: Focus on information for juniors (college, Scheduling, CCP)