GISD Assessment Dept News

October 2015

Testing Updates

We are moving from Pearson to ETS for STAAR 3-8 and EOC test administration

Pearson will still be involved with TELPAS, STAAR Alt 2, and TAKS

All December EOC’s—STAAR, STAAR L and STAAR A will be a paper test with allowances for accommodations– using 2015 accommodations reference triangle—see link (source TEA)

4th and 7th grade writing will be one day—Tuesday, March 29th. Other STAAR tests will be reduced in length and will be ready for Spring 2017 (

SSI applies this year for grades 5 and 8 and will include both Math and Reading

All STAAR assessments will be moving to a standard progression approach from 2015-16 through 2021-22, with smaller increases every year than previously proposed with Phase II. (see link - and )

CBA Info

CBAs purpose—to be used as formative assessment data, and to inform instruction.

CBAs should not be used for a grade or increase the testing burden on a campus.

ESL / Bilingual Assessment News


TELPAS training center closes October 16th. All raters (teachers) should download and keep a copy of all training and calibration certificates

Online basic training will be required for new raters who have not calibrated in three school years.

New on-line training site will launch in January, 2016 and we will all be making new accounts. We will only have two calibrations but if a rater does not pass second calibration attempt, they will work with a TELPAS certified rater.

All calibration testing must be completed in a monitored setting—more information at training

Spring TELPAS - we will have a writing audit—more information soon

Computers will need to be updated with TestNAV 8 for spring on-line testing

English I EOC Provision TAC 101.1007

*****For ELLs who ―

  • have been enrolled in U.S. schools 3 school years or less (5 or less if qualifying unschooled asylee/refugee)

  • And have not yet attained TELPAS advanced high reading rating

  • When enrolled in English I/ESOL I course, eligible ELL shall not be required to retake assessment each time it is administered if student passes course but does not meet standard.


Students are not exempt from testing while in the course.

Provision does not apply to English II.

Provision is not tied to any particular graduation plan.

*****Special Provision and the Individual Graduation Committee – SB 149

ELLs who qualify for the Special Provision for English I are required to complete IGC requirements for English I in addition to the other course in which the student failed to achieve the EOC assessment performance requirements.

Special Education Assessment News

No changes to policies, only clarifications, etc. 2015 policies in place until December:

Updated 2016 policy is for spring 2016 and beyond

Authority for Decisions

SpEd is ARD committee

504 is placement committee

Other (RTI, student assistance team)


Type 1 and Type 2 categories

Type1 is a local decision based on eligibility requirements, Type2 is determined by TEA

Accommodation Policies and Explanations

Have not changed in format

Slight edits to some policies:

All mention of STAAR A were removed

Calculator: Added A2 & E3; STAAR calculator policy was revised

Supplemental Aids: Format Changes implemented. Multiplication chart can go beyond 12; Can set a hundred chart to higher numbers (200-300)

No changes to Type 2

No changes to emergency policy or unexpected situations

Recording accommodations on answer document

Has not changed…be sure to document even if student did not use it

STAAR Alt 2, TELPAS Accommodations:

Look in the manuals and parent guides for accommodation information on these tests

Still to be posted to TEA website

  • Accommodation Request Process
  • Braille instructions
  • Large Print Instructions
  • Directions for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.


December EOC will be on paper…no special requests for these.

TA can read anything except that has a “do not read” icon (Reading passages, etc)

Words that are underlined can be accommodated

One of three things can happen when “accommodated”

SAY: test can be read exactly as written

Show: Show picture, graphic in booklet

Indicate: Direct student to graphic in test.

Answers will go on answer document for December.

** NOTE **

You cannot test STAAR A and STAAR together in same room for December. Best to do

STAAR A in small groups to allow for TA to administer accommodations. A secure

document will be given to test administrators only on the day of the test that may have

additional confidential information to be used as an accommodation for the STAAR A. No

online tutorials until Spring 2016 due to change over to ETS

Mark your Calendars...

CBA #1—October 13-23 HS math, LA, Sci

  • October 13-16 ES and MS

  • 3rd-8th math, LA, Sci

October 14 - PSAT—10th and 11th graders

October 19-22 - TAKS Testing—Richarte HS

November 18, 2015 - December EOC training

December 7-9 - December EOC administration—all subjects

Assessment Dept

If you have any questions please contact:

Vicki Barbosa at x6034

Denise Gunn at x6098