Tumbleweed Times Week 26

News from Ranch 25 - March 18, 2016

First Grade Happenings

We have been focusing on the Character Trait of Fairness this month. We read a book about being fair and then wrote about how we show fairness to others in our daily lives. The book taught us that "Being fair is sometimes hard, but being fair helps people get along."

This week in math we practiced adding and subtracting tens from a multiple of ten and adding tens to a two digit number. You can read more about this weeks's lessons by going to the following webpage: Math News: Grade 1, Module 4, Topic C.

Legoland Field Trip

We had a fantastic time at Legoland this year. We left school around 9:00 AM and headed out to Legoland. When we arrived, we ate snack. Then we attended our two STEM related classes. Next, we had lunch. We finished our day by riding three rides: Coast Cruise, Fairy Tale Brook and Mia's Riding Camp. We rode the bus back to Solana Highlands and arrived about 2:00.

The first class was called Robotics for Young Beginners. In this class, students worked with a partner creating an alligator robot by following the directions on a computer. Then they programed the alligator to open and close it's mouth and make noises. It was challenging and fun!

The second class was called Tall Towers. Students again worked with a partner. This time they tried to create the tallest tower that would withstand an earthquake. After building their towers, the students put them on a table that simulated an earthquake. I am happy to say that all our towers met the challenge (although some shook more than others.) We discovered that it was important to have a large base on your tower.

We had lots of photographers on our trip, so I am guessing that there will be many pictures uploaded to our Shutterfly account soon. Keep an eye out for a message regarding this. A great big THANK YOU goes to Laura Lemos, Lina Taylor, Wei Chen, Karen Sykes, Michelle Bailey, Stina Hougen, and Ido Donemberg Bard for chaperoning and keeping such a close eye on our kiddos. Finally, we want to thank the Solana Beach Foundation for providing this wonderful experience for our first graders.

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Pennies for Patients

Coming home in the Friday Folder is a box and a letter about the Pennies for Patients fundraiser. This activity raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and helps to aid thousands of children and adults in their fight against blood cancers like leukemia. Students are asked to collect money over the next two weeks, March 21-April 1 from friends or relatives (or in-between the cushions of the couch) in the little cardboard box provided. All donations must be turned in by April 1st. You can read more about this important service project in the Solana Highlands' weekly newsletter, and you can donate directly on the following webpage: Solana Highlands Elementary Fundraising Page.

Will your child be returning to Solana Highlands next year?

Every year, our district has to project enrollment for the following year, so that they can make sure we have enough teachers, classrooms, supplies, etc. Included in today's Friday Folder you will find a yellow form asking you to let us know if your child will be returning to Solana Highlands next year. Please complete this form and return it before Friday, April 1st. If you are unsure at this time, you can call Judy at the front office and talk with her about it. She knows the answer to just about everything. Thanks!

Pajama Day!

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Next Week's Curriculum Focus

5.2 Reading Theme: What Scientists Do

Essential Question: What inferences about the character or setting can you make based on details from the story? (This is a good question to ask when reading at home.)

Comprehension Skill: Make Inferences

High Frequency Words: grew, house, knew, would

Phonemic Awareness: r controlled vowels spelled with ar

Vocabulary Words: curious, idea, career, fascinating, improve, investigate

Spelling Words and Dictation Sentences:

grew, house, knew, would, cart, barn, arm, art, yarn, harm, chart, smart

How far is the park from here?

You can see the stars when it is dark.

Writing Genre: Opinion

Math: Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction to 40

Social Studies: We Love Our Country

Science: Sound, Light, and Communication

Important Dates

  • Bids for Kids (Foundation Fundraiser) - Saturday, March 19
  • Pennies for Patients Fundraiser - March 21-April 1
  • All-School Assembly - Friday, April 1, 8:35-9:00 AM, amphitheater
  • All Lost & Found will be donated - Friday, April 1
  • Spring Break - April 4-8
  • Family Heritage Night - April 15, 4:45-6:15 PM
  • Musical Performance: Family & Friends - Wednesday, April 27, 8:45-9:45 AM

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