The Mystery and History of Camelot

By Brook D.

Camelot is said to be Located in Great Britain, around south east England. Back then and when it was the Kingdom of Logres, where Camelot was in the center.


Camelot is said to be a rich and well of town. Before, Britain was invaded by the Saxon army. Until King Arthur united Britain and drove them out. There were many battles during the time as many Saxon's tried to invade the area. Ultimately they failed to recapture Camelot.


Excalibur is a sword set in stone, and as stated by Merlin, who ever was to pull the sword from the rock would be crowned king of Camelot. Many have tried to pull the sword from the ground, but all have failed. One day, while looking for a replacement sword for his brother, Arthur found Excalibur and decided to pull it from the ground. Unknowing of the prophecy, he successfully pulled Excalibur from it's place. Thus Arthur is crowned the new king.

Holy Grail

One of King Arthur's greatest adventures was the quest for the mythical Holy Grail, a cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper. King Arthur never found the Holy Grail, but his knight, Sir Galahad, did due to the purity of his heart.

King Arthur as a real person

Many people believe that King Arthur could be a real person, but others are still skeptical. The story is just a myth, but it is most likely that King Arthur was based of a military leader who successfully drew away the Saxon invasion.
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