Safety & Security Update

Back-to-School August 2022


Safety has always been and will always be a priority in Perry Local Schools. We are unwavering in our commitment to providing our students and staff with a safe learning and working environment so that our staff and students can learn and thrive.

Through long-standing partnerships with the Perry Police Department, Perry Fire & Rescue, and the Allen County Sherriff’s Office, we have strong support and ready resources for our district. All of these partnerships help in our response plan, threat assessments, and investigations of potential threats to our schools.

Last fall, the district conducted a threat assessment with Allen County Deputy Sheriff Damian Tibbs and Perry Police Chief Bob Phillips. The results of the threat assessment were used to apply for and secure additional grant funds for safety and security resources. As a result, the district anticipates a grant award of $50,000 for security upgrades in the high school and $7,000 for security resources in the elementary. We will also be applying for the second round of this grant opportunity this fall.

This summer, district leadership worked with Chief Justin Roberts from Perry Fire Department and Chief Phillips to specifically plan for an Emergency Management Test (EMT) to be conducted in September. EMT's are required by Ohio law and are designed to test our school's response procedures. As the date draws nearer, we will release the specifics of our emergency management test to all families through schoolmessenger.

Safety Resources

In addition to our township and county supports, we also keenly mind the following resources:

  • extensions of security access control
  • a visitor registration system in the elementary
  • security cameras on campuses and school buses
  • strict adherence to processes for signing students in and out of school
  • mandatory drills and safety audits
  • safety tip line to report safety violations or concerns
  • bullying and harassment prevention and reporting programs
  • no access to weapons assurances from parents/guardians in safety planning
  • staff awareness and radio communications to enhance campus perimeter defense
  • continued investment in staff training focused equally on prevention and response


We take every threat seriously and investigate each one thoroughly. It's important to remember that hoax threats are not a joke, and they can have devastating consequences—both for the public and for the perpetrators. Issuing a hoax threat—even over social media, via text message, or through e-mail—can be a federal crime.

Schools nationwide have recently received increased hoax reports about threats and school violence. Many of these reports circulated on social media and caused a significant amount of fear, anxiety, and chaos across our county, state, and nation.

Perry Local Schools will not tolerate this type of behavior. We need and want all students and staff to feel safe at school. School safety is a priority for our district, and as such, every report received is taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. Every. Single. One.

Parents, we need you to talk to your children about responsible social media behavior. Monitor their social media pages. Remind them about the damage posting or sharing false information can cause. Remind them that there are serious consequences for posting threats or reporting false information. Remind them that students who violate the Student Code of Conduct and/or Board of Education policies governing behavior and technology use will receive appropriate consequences from the district, and charges from law enforcement may occur.

We urge you and our students to continue to report threats or suspicious behaviors through our Speak Up! anonymous tipline or by contacting an administrator or law enforcement.


Please contact me with any questions at 567-940-1414. Thank you for partnering with us so that together, we can keep our schools safe.


Kelly L. Schooler, Ed.D.