Pure Perseverance

By: Victoria Kravchuk

What is Perseverance?

"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained," said Marie Curie, a famous French physicist. My definition of perseverance would be to never yield when things get hard or if something stands in your way. Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, Maury Wills, Tom Monaghan, Winston Churchill, and Lauren Hill have all persevered and in the end they have all triumphed.

The Difference in Adversities - Compare and Contrast

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Beyond The Game - Cause and Effect

Maury Wills was a Major League Baseball player for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Like many others, Wills had to persevere through an adversity. Wills dream was to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers with Jackie Robinson. Instead, he was sent to the Minor Leagues for development because he was a bad hitter but great at every other position. Even with this adversity he didn't give up, he practiced, practiced, and practiced. Wills would practice hitting for hours but he wasn't improving because of his fear of getting hit in the head with the ball. The team manager suggested switch-hitting. After a while he still didn't make it to the Majors. Since practicing his hitting wasn't helping him completely he needed help preparing his mind because he didn't have much confidence in himself. Eventually all his practice and hard work paid off and he triumphed. He became MVP and was featured in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
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Maury Hills stealing his 104th base that season.

The Problems in Starting a Business - Problem and Solution

The founder of Domino's Pizza, Tom Monaghan's journey to success was long and hard. Like most people, Monaghan had a dream. He wanted to open up a chain of pizza places and be known by everyone for having the best pizza. Along the way he suffered many problems. Monaghan and his brother owned a pizza parlor on a college campus. Eventually his brother left the business and Tom got a new partner. The problem was that the partnership he entered was a mistake. In the end, Monaghan had to file bankruptcy after his partner pulled out of the business. Tom was resilient. He slowly paid off his debt and began to grow his business again. Disaster struck yet again. Monaghan's former partner filed bankruptcy and Tom had over $75,000 in bad debt. Tom set up a payment plan and by the next year made over $50,000 in profits. But problem after problem took place. One of his pizza places burnt down and he was expanding too quickly so he ran out of money. Tom put a local businessman in charge of Dominos and his business went along the right track until the businessman wanted out. Tom was smarter this time and grew his business slowly and eventually after some years Tom became one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the country.
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Tom Monaghan and his brother's first pizzeria.

Churchill's Story of Perseverance - Chronological/Sequencing

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Lauren Hill's Final Triumph - Description

Lauren Hill was a female college basketball player who had a very rare incurable cancer. Lauren's goal was to try to help many other kids who had cancer and doing the thing she loved, playing basketball. Lauren's battle with cancer became public when the NCAA agreed to allow Mount St. Joseph to play Hiram College two weeks prior to the original game date so Lauren could play. Her ambition helped her raise $1 million for pediatric cancer research with a Cincinnati telethon for The Cure Starts Now Foundation. She died on April 10, 2015 at the age of 19 but managed to make a big impact by helping give many children a chance to survive. Lauren's actions are inspiring to many people and she will be remembered for a long time.
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Lauren Hill shoots to score her first basket during the game against Hiram at Cintas Center.

What can you learn from the perseverance of others in order to overcome adversity in today's world?

You can learn many things from the perseverance of others. One thing you can learn from the perseverance of others is that you should never give up like Winston Churchill said. You should never let your adversities control you because they didn't control Eleanor Roosevelt. You should always work hard like Maury Wills did. Another thing is that you shouldn't let minor or major setbacks stop you from getting your dream to come true because they didn't stop Tom Monaghan. If all these different people managed to persevere through different adversities we can to.