Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * June 1, 2015


This week, we will find out how astronauts explore new places in the informational text Working in Space. We’ll ponder outer space further when we read “Space Poems.” The children will also explore the question, “What can you learn from headings and captions?”

Target Vocabulary: astronomy, force, orbit, repair, explored, future, space, float

Phonics Skills: words with vowel diphthongs ow (cow), ou (pound)

Vocabulary Strategy: classify/categorize

Comprehension Skill: Text and graphic features - tell how words go with photos

Comprehension Strategy: Analyze/evaluate - tell how you feel about the text and why

Well, after several weeks of research, reading, collecting facts, writing a draft, creating and organizing text features, rereading and finally writing a final copy, most of the students have completed their nonfiction reports on insects!! Once everyone is done, it's time to celebrate! The students will invite their schoolmates into 2R to read the reports and teach them some facts about insects.


Lesson 11-2: Subtraction Number Stories with Dollars-and-Cents

  • Counting by 1’s, 10’s and 100’s
  • Comparing number amounts
  • Solving and sharing solution strategies for addition problems in the context of money
  • Finding differences by counting up

Lesson 11-3: The Trade-First Subtraction Algorithm

  • Making equivalent numbers using base-10 blocks
  • Using and Explaining strategies for solving subtraction problems
  • Making ballpark estimates for subtraction problems
  • Vocabulary: algorithm, trade-first

Lesson 11-4: Multiples of Equal Groups

  • Use repeated addition, arrays, and skip counting to model multiplication
  • Identify corners on a 2-dimensional shape
  • Vocabulary: multiplication diagram, per, in each, for each, factor, product

Lesson 11-5: Division Number Models

  • Use equal groups and equal shares to model division
  • Write number sentences to model number stories
  • Multiplication/division diagram, division, quotient, remainder, divided by

Social Studies

On Monday, we will review the lessons from Unit 5, Past and Present, so everyone can use it as a study guide for Wednesday's test.


Last week we started celebrating some of our summer birthdays!!

Colin Daltwas - July 25th
Emily Abbate - July 28th
Colin Reilly - August 3rd
Izzy Holtermann - August 10th
Kamryn Bresch - August 24th


June 2nd - Student Council Pretzel Sale at 3:00, Unit 5 Social Studies test
June 3rd - Book Orders Due, Remember to return your library book
June 5th - Camp Creek Run field trip