Skeletal System

One of the most important body systems out there!

by Michael Olagbemi

It protects the organs and the muscles!

Without it, most of your helpful organs would not be still here. Most people gave fallen a few times in their life, and the skin and bones protect the muscles and organs. You would not be able to digest food or breath. That would be sad, luckily we have bones!

It helps you bend and be flexible!

It helps you move, without it, you wouldn't be able to move like you do currently!

Examples of Flexibility

Try bending right now.

It gives you support.

Without it, you would be a pile of mush. You would not be able to do simple things like walking.

It produces red blood cells.

It produces the things that carry oxygen throughout the body. Without it, you would die early!


This is a disease that affects the bones and makes them fragile.
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Keep it safe!

Eat calcium rich foods, take Vitamin D, exercise for 30 minutes twice a week,and void smoking or drinking alcoholic drinks!